Award winning Director / Director of Photography has cinema in his blood. His Grandfather was an animator for Disney in the very early days of Mickey Mouse and his Father is a Cinema Special FX Designer in Europe. Shawn loves working in the medium of moving pictures, whether it is 8K, 4K, 35mm, Super 16mm, Super-8, or specialty cameras, it’s all about the story.


“I’m captivated by the alchemy of light, shadow, science and magic that is movie making; not only by seeing it on the screen, but also with the process and challenges of engineering dreams for others to enjoy.”


Shawn Hiatt grew up on the mainland U.S. before moving to Hawaii in 1985 to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa, earning a B.A. in Broadcast Communications. After interning for Hawaii production company QDD he worked for Pacific Focus Inc. as staff Cinematographer for 9 years. There he further developed his craft while filming hundreds of commercials and countless documentaries. Since pursuing a freelance career in 1998 his credits and client list continue to expand.


Recent films Shawn Hiatt has shot include: A Midsummer Night’s Hawaiian Dream, The Haumana, Haole, 4 Wedding Planners, Under the Blood Red Sun. Music Videos for: BET, MTV', JAZZ TV Documentaries for: JuniRoa Productions on the life of U.S. Senator Dan K. Inouye filmed on location in Washington D.C. (including interviews with Ted Kennedy, George Mitchell, John McCain), Edgy Lee, “Waikiki in the Wake of Dreams.”. Jeremy Spear, “Splitting the Rock” (Polynesians in the NFL) Commercials for: Ala Moana Center, Hawaii Telcom, Sempra Energy, McDonalds, Bank of Hawaii, First Hawaiian Bank, HMSA, Hawaiian Electric, State Farm Insurance, Hawaiian Airlines.