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From Antarctica to the tropical Pacific, Paul Atkins has travelled the world filming for National Geographic, Disney, the BBC including such acclaimed series as PLANET EARTH, for IMAX screens, and feature films. His cinematography and directing have earned numerous awards including Emmys, British Academy Awards and membership in the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers.  


Paul’s passion for the ocean brought him to Hawaii in 1974. He studied marine biology at University of Hawaii and began working in the film business as an underwater and wildlife cinematographer. 


With his wife and producing partner, Grace Atkins, Paul filmed groundbreaking documentaries that inspired protection of the natural world, including the Emmy-winning HAWAII: STRANGERS IN PARADISE (Nat Geo/BBC), GREAT WHITE SHARK (BBC/Nat Geo) and Jean-Michel Cousteau’s VOYAGE TO KURE, the film that persuaded President George W. Bush to declare the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a National Monument in 2006.


Paul’s transition to narrative filmmaking spans numerous commercials, television series and features, and he has worked with many of the most innovative directors in the business, including Peter Weir (MASTER AND COMMANDER), Alejandro Inarritu (THE REVENANT), Emmanuel Lubezki (IPAD AIR commercial) and Terrence Malick (THE TREE OF LIFE).  On a 40-day epic voyage around Cape Horn, he filmed for MASTER AND COMMANDER, which won the 2004 Academy Award for cinematography for Russell Boyd.  His 2nd Unit cinematography on THE TREE OF LIFE contributed to an Oscar nomination for cinematography, and Paul has continued to work with Malick on TO THE WONDER, KNIGHT OF CUPS and as director of photography on the IMAX film, THE VOYAGE OF TIME.

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