Abraham Williams - Set Photo.jpeg


Abraham is a director of photography who was born in New Zealand, and grew up in a small beach town in Hawaii where he still lives with his wife, Tulsi. He has experience working on numerous commercials, documentary films, music videos, and multiple award-winning independent short films.

Hard work, perseverance and trial-by-fire have been Abraham’s film school. Through documentary and independent productions filmed in places all across America, and in war-zones in the Middle East, he specializes in spontaneously finding the light, power and beauty provided by nature in even the harshest of conditions. This experience has uniquely equipped him to light and shoot under pressure in any environment.  

Abraham is also a seasoned Steadicam and camera operator.

When not filming, he can often be found surfing all around the island of Oahu, jamming with friends playing guitar or drums, or practicing yoga.

Abraham is a dynamic creator who loves to collaborate, bringing his passion for cinema and a can-do attitude to every project.